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Brand: Blackberry
Product Code: ORI-CS2
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Genuine RIM Blackberry CS2 battery is indeed the most appropriate choice for your Blackberry Gemini Series (Blackberry 8520, 8530, 9300, 9330). This original battery products from Research in Motion ensures you get the original battery specifications and best quality which are the same as the original battery that you get when you bought a new Blackberry. Authenticity guarantee of the product gave the assurance that you are buying authentic original Blackberry battery products are worth the price.


Features :

  • Original authentic Research In Motion Blackberry CS2 battery .
  • Each battery has a different and unique serial number
  • Battery cell made in Japan
  • 100 days full replacement warranty.


Compatible devices :

  • Blackberry Curve 8520 Gemini
  • Blackberry Curve 8530 Aries / Gemini CDMA
  • Blackberry Curve 9300 Keppler
  • Blackberry Curver 9330 Keppler CDMA


Baterai blackberry JS1 Compatible

Batt Code C-S2
Compatible Device Blackberry Curve 8520 Gemini, Blackberry Curve 8530 Aries, Blackberry Curve 9300 Keppler, Blackberry Curve 9330 Keppler CDMA
Model RIM BAT-06860-004
Voltage 3.7 volt
Type Lithium Ion Rechargeable
Capacity 1120 mAh 4.3 Wh

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